Commercial Legalization Procedure

Due to COVID-19, the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Tokyo is currently only accepting documents by post.
Please note that we can only legalize documents that have been first certified by either the Japanese Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce stamp and original signature) or the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Japan Stamp). Please send the required documents by “Genkin Kakitome” from the post office to the following address:

Contact Info

1-5-4 Aobadai Meguro-ku Tokyo
Embassy of Egypt
Consular Office

Required Documents

(1) Original document (certified by the Chamber of Commerce or MOFA Japan)**
(2) 1 photocopy of (1)
(3) Application Letter addressed to the Embassy of Egypt on your company letterhead
(no specific format)
(4) Application fee of JPY40000(cash only) for each original document
(5) Return self addressed letterpack (red or blue) 

*The document will be returned in approximately one week.

**All multiple page documents legalized by the Chamber of Commerce or MOFA Japan must have a tally seal on each page or be binded by tape/cloth.