After the outbreak of the June 30 Revolution in 2013, there was a need for outlining a new constitution to complete building a modern and democratic state of Egypt, maintain public freedoms and safeguard the homeland against any threats that would jeopardize its national unity.

Therefore, the 2014 constitution has been outlined by a 50-strong committee, led by former Arab League secretary general and former foreign minister Amr Moussa.

The committee has grouped almost all segments of the Egyptian society including those of special needs together with women, revolutionaries, Copts and young people.

It was tasked with amending the controversial articles of the 2012 Constitution, that was suspended in accordance with the political road map that was approved by Egypt’s political and religious powers after June 30 Revolution.

The Committee submitted the final draft of the Constitution to interim President Adli Mansour on December 3, 2013.

A referendum on the new constitution was held on January 14-15 under a complete judicial supervision and it was approved by an overwhelming majority reaching about 98 percent of those who cast their ballots.


According to article (102) of the Constitution, the House of Representatives is composed of no less than four hundred and fifty members elected by direct secret public ballot. The President of the Republic may appoint no greater than 5% of the members; the method of nomination thereof shall be stipulated by Law.

Member percentages

The House of Representatives is composed of 596 members. The number of the elected members is 568, including 325 independent and 243 partisan, representing 19 political parties. Some 28 members were appointed by a presidential decree.
Number of youth in the parliament is 185 members including 60 under the age of 35 and 125 from 36 to 45, representing about 32.6% of the total number of members.
While, number of women is 89 members including 75 elected and 14 appointed, representing about 14.9% of the total number of members.
House of Representatives

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